What is Trampomap ? -All Trampoline Facility in Japan-

[2019.03.17 update]

Welcome to my website !

This website collects information about the Trampoline Facility in Japan.

The Trampoline Facilities include

Indoor Trampoline Park, Outdoor Trampoline Park, Gymnastics Club,
Fitness Club, and so on

I created the map about (almost) Trampoline Facilities In Japan.

I named it [ Trampomap ] !!


I built pages that show the information about Trampoline Facilities by region or prefecture.

If you wanna jump on trampoline in Japan, you should check the Links.

It might make you excited.
This Is It !!!

●Map on All Trampoline Facilities in Japan


Links are below.

[By Region]

Hokkaido →more information
Tohoku →more information
North Kanto→more information
Kanto →more information
Koshinetsu →more information
Tokai →more information
Hokuriku →more information
Kansai →more information
Kyusyu/Chugoku/Shikoku→more information

[By Prefecture]

Hokkaido→more information
Tokyo →more information
Saitama →more information
Kanagawa→more information
Chiba →more information

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